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Why hire any carpet cleaner when you can hire the BEST! We have years of experience and know the best cleaning methods to give you the best results!

At CARVAN, we dont just clean carpets, we go out of our way to provide the best possible carpet cleaning experience. From the moment we arrive at your door step to the moment we leave, you expect can quality, professionalism, experience, and results.

Our experienced Carpet Cleaning Technicians will make sure to remove soil, grease, bacteria, and allergens using our certified IICRC Hot Water Extraction cleaning.

Remember, at CARVAN, your satisfaction is always GUARANTEED!

Carpet Inspection:

We begin by identifying the carpet fibers, testing color fastness, traffic areas, spots, and urine  stains. We notate areas with damage or wear and tear and go over you concerns and expectations. Utilizing this information we can make sure we use the best cleaning solutions that will have the best results on your carpets.


Our first step is to do a thorough pre-vacuum. This will remove up to 80% of dry soil, and will make the overall cleaning more effective.

Spot Treatment:

Having identified the spots and stains, we will begin treating them one at a time. Our spotting techniques are effective at removing coffee, gum, red dye, food coloring, rust, ink, and much more. If urine has been identified, we will apply a special urine solution which will remove the stain and neutralize the odor.

Pet odor removal:

If medium to high pet contamination is present, we apply special solutions and techniques to flush the contamination and neutralize the odor. If the urine has gone through the pad and into the subfloor, we cannot guarantee the complete odor removal.


We begin the cleaning process by evenly spraying a special solution which begins to break down the soil and prepares the fibers for cleaning.


We follow our pre-spray by agitating the fibers using our special brushes. This ensures the solution reaches deep within the fibers to break down the embedded soil.


We use our powerful Truckmount machine to rinse and extract your carpets, safely removing soil, grease, bacteria, and allergens. Our machines utilize high heat which improves the extraction and sanitizes the fibers.

Deodorizing and Carpet Protector:

At the client's request, we can apply a deodorizer to add a fresh scent to your newly cleaned carpets. We can also apply or MAXIM Carpet Protector. This will restore your factory protection by binding to the fibers and making them resistant to soils, spots, and spills.

Air Drying:

While we are at your house, we improve the drying times by circulating air via your AC, fans, windows, and by installing air movers to aid in the drying. Faster drying reduces the chances of browning, wicking  and spots resurfacing.

Final Walkthrough:

We will end the service by doing a final walkthrough. We will show and explain the results and make sure you are satisfied with the service.


Choose only to hire a reputable business. CARVAN has many years making clients happy. We have 5-star reviews on sites like Yelp, Homeadvisor, and Facebook. We bring quality to our services by going above and beyond the cleaning, making sure you are satisfied every step of the way.



A healthier life

If we ask you to wear the same shirt for a year and you can only clean it with a brush, you would probably think that's crazy, but this is exactly what happens to your carpets if you don't have them cleaned frequently. If you have young kids, pets, or suffer from allergies or asthma, then consider investing in a yearly carpet cleaning to provide a clean and safe environment for you and your family.

We make it easy

Appointment reminders, paperless invoicing, credit card payments, transparent pricing. Its all about convenience.

We also are a multi-service company. We offer you Maid Service, Move in/out Cleaning, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Hardwood Floor Cleaning and refinishing., Why hire multiple companies and deal with the headaches when you can hire CARVAN for ALL your cleaning needs.

Carpet Cleaning


Don't void your warranty

Your carpet's manufacture requires you to have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months to prevent from voiding your warranty. They also recommend Hot Water Extraction as the method. After all, your carpets can be one of your most important investments in your home, it make sense to care and protect them so you can extend their life and value.

They are dirtier than you think

Carpet fibers are excellent at doing their job, that is holding dust and soil. The truth is even if you take precautions like taking off your shoes and vacuuming once a week, your carpets will still accumulate dust, bacteria, allergens, and retain all those spots and stain that accumulate over time.

This is why you need professional carpet cleaning machines to properly clean your carpets and a professional carpet cleaner to safely and effectively get the best results.

You wont believe how much dirt is held up by your carpet, these soils sink to the bottom of the fibers and this is why sometimes you cannot see them, but they are there polluting your living spaces. Don't believe us? well show you!