Improve your employee's happiness!

A clean office means lots of happy employees. Studies show that having a clean, organized placed to work, improve overall happiness of your employees. This in turn will improve their work efficiency and contribute to their overall satisfaction.

The Pros and Cons

Cleaning companies come in all shapes and sizes. CARVAN is a small Comercial and Residential cleaning company. With CARVAN you are getting a small but dedicated team of profesionals who will work hard to make sure your needs are met. We oversee all aspects of the business which means that we know who we hire, who does what job, and are involved in the supervision of these jobs. If there is a complaint, communication is direct and solved the same day, since we don't have to delay to communicate problems to others. We have processes to ensure our cleaners complete their tasks and we will frequently ask you for feedback to ensure we keep the quality consistent. 

​Price is also an important factor since you negociate with us direct. When you hire a large corporation that subcontracts their cleaners, you are hiring a "middle-man" This middle man will then hire smaller cleaning companies which will themselves pay their employees very low wages since they too need to profit. This causes the employees to be unhappy and result in frequent turnover of employees, causing the overall quality of the service to drastically decline. Always ask the company you hire if they hire or subcontract their employees.​​

Commercial Cleaning Services


  • Remove cobwebs

  • Dust window sills

  • Wipe doors

  • Dust Baseboards

  • Dust all furniture

  • Clean mirrors

  • Spot clean

  • Tidy up

  • Vacuum floors

  • Mop hard floors

Your Image is very important!

As a professional business, your customers will be impacted not only by your goods or services, but also on the cleanliness of your facilities. A dirty office sets a bad tone right from the start, and it could mean the difference between a one-time, or a repeat client. CARVAN will maintain the cleanliness of your business, so that it always represents a positive image.

Estimates for janitorial services are given in person

​Call 773-574-6035 to arrange meeting

We will prepare a customized cleaning program according to your needs. Here is an general example:

​For larger companies, it makes more sense to hire multinational contractors because they can contract with cleaning companies on a large scale. But for a small company, you get so much more when you hire us direct!


  • Clean microwave

  • Clean outside appliances

  • Clean sink

  • Clean counter tops

  • Clean tables/chairs

  • Remove garbage

  • Vacuum/sweep

  • Mop hard floors

General Cleaning Tasks

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Leave it to the PROS!

Yes, you could use your employees to alternate and perform the necessary cleaning tasks for your business, but the reality is that your staff are not cleaners, and there is much more to cleaning than we think.


Properly following cleaning and sanitation guidelines requires training and experience. CARVAN cleaning pros do this for a living, that means that we have the experience required to do the job more effectively and more efficiently. We create a custom cleaning program to fit your needs. This will include the general things like dusting, vacuum and mopping, but it will also include more specialized tasks like cleaning cobwebs and baseboards, disinfecting your bathroom properly, mold prevention, just to name a few.

​Also our pros know what products to use for the different materials found in your office, this is very important as an untrained employee can damage a surface if they apply the wrong product. Add to this that we will provide the cleaning materials and supplies, that we offer a variety of additional services like Carpets and Windows, and all of this comes with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and you can see why CARVAN is your #1 choice.

Why does my business need a cleaning service?

Here at CARVAN we believe your cleaning experience should be as convenient as possible. That’s why we offer you these PERKS designed to make the process easy from start to finish.

· EASY BOOKING:Book on our website, by email, phone, or text.

· FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES:Choose your day and time, and we will set you up for a recurring service based on your needs.

· EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS:Receive an email confirmation when you book your first service, additionally you will receive an email two days prior to your schedule cleaning, reminding you of the upcoming appointment.

EASY ENTRY:We can safely store you security entry code or door keys in a locked safe. We will only release the entry method the day of your cleaning.

· PERSONALIZED CLEANING PROGRAMS:Every business is different; we will customize the cleaning program to fit your company’s needs and budget.

· PAPERLESS BILLING:We will send you your invoice via email.

· EASY PAY:Pay by check or using a major credit card. Leave your credit card on file for even more convenience.

· FOLLOW UP AND QUALITY CONTROL:We will periodically follow up to make sure you are satisfied and we are always providing you great service.

· SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:If you are not satisfied with the service, call us within 24 hours and we will clean the area we missed.

Should I hire a small janitorial company or a national contactor?

Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services

Perks and Benefits


  • Clean and sanitize sink and counter tops

  • Clean and sanitize toilet

  • Clean cabinet fronts

  • Clean mirrors

  • Dust surfaces and furniture

  • ​Remove garbage

  • Vacuum

  • Mop had floors